Just a few things you need to know about the Anguilla Golf Association.

The Anguilla Golf Association was formed in 2001 under the leadership of then Governor, Peter Johnstone as provided for in the Friendly Societies Act. Purpose was to bring together a group of golf enthusiasts to promote and improve the game of golf in Anguilla. There were seven signatories to the original charter and first president was Malcolm Hope Ross.


Executive (President | Vice-president | Treasurer | General Secretary | 2 Ordinary Members | Ladies Committee | Representative from each golf club on the island | 1 Month )
Education (Golf in CSec Program & Then Cape )


  • To be the authority of golf in Anguilla.
  • To ensure members can play golf in Anguilla.
  • To conform to the rules of golf.
  • To maintain a handicap system.
  • To hold property, enter into contracts, and invest funds.

In 2002 the AGA voted to build a nine-hole pitch and putt course on leased land at Sandy Ground. The course opened in 2004, the result of generous contributions from local businesses, supporters, and much hard work by a small group of members. At the time. it was believed to have been the only official Pitch and Putt course in the Caribbean and provided neophyte golfers a place to sharpen their skills.

By 2006 there was a continuum of tournaments, instruction programs, and the Pitch and Putt course quickly became the center of golfing and social activities. Most especially, the Peter Johnstone Claret Cup which is contested annually. Under the leadership of then president Chester Walden, a Junior Instruction program was started which introduced many young Anguillians to the game of golf.

Opening of the Temenos Golf Course in 2006 precipitated a burst of growth for AGA membership. The course was termed, “best in the Caribbean” and exceeded expectations. AGA developed a relationship with Troon Management resulting in cooperative efforts and favorable playing privileges for its members. During the 2007-08 seasons under the leadership of President Peter Young, the AGA sponsored a number of tournaments and social activities highlighted by the renewal of the Junior Golf Program.

In 2008, the AGA formed an LLC to administer all activities of the AGA with policy set by a nine-person Executive Committee.


  • Land or Property Owner.
  • Belonger or Citizen.
  • Minimum Six month lease.
  • One Year Work Permit

In July 2008 AGA was notified Temenos Golf Course would not open for forthcoming season.

Repeated efforts to forestall the closing were futile and much disappointment spread throughout the golfing fraternity. Based on the course closing, Executive Committee voted to waive 2009 membership subscriptions for all 2008 members in good standing. Also, the Executive Committee resolved to take an active part in efforts to get Temenos Golf Course reopened and met several times with government officials and interested parties.

In mid-2009 it was reported Cap Juluca, a local five-star hotel/resort, was interested managing and reopening the golf course. Much to the delight of AGA members and all fellow golfers, the announcement was officially made in early December and the course will reopen 19 December. (see CJ announcement on the home page)

Immediately upon receiving official notice, AGA officials met with Cap Juluca management team to offer assistance and provide input. AGA members have been notified and 2009 membership subscriptions sent out. A 2009/2010 tournament schedule is being formulated and instruction programs and other activities are planned.